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Terrace farming in Muong Hoa Valley, Vietnam

Panhou Retreat is a unique retreat in Hoang Su Phi with rustic palm-roof bungalows that offer a peaceful mountain experience. The retreat property is nestled within pristine natural surroundings, with cultural attractions nearby.

At Panhou Retreat, every experience offered is unique that not only combines the best of what the retreat property has but also gives back to the community.

It is an eco-friendly and socially responsible business, and you have the chance to join the mission to make a difference.

Yao Sìn Wellness Center

Let go of distractions. Breathe deeply and enjoy a wellness journey to reconnect with yourself.

At the wellness center, the retreat property offers various options to help you unwind and de-stress. Whether you are in the mood for a spa treatment or a herbal bath, you will find everything you need.

The herbal bath is a unique experience that follows a secret recipe passed down for generations by the Red Dzao people. The professional herbalist selects only the best organic herbs from the garden, ensuring they are of the highest quality.

Beautiful Vietnamese women wearing ao dai with a bike
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