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Image by Sammy Wong

In the 48 km2 private concession area Mbulia
Conservancy, bordering Tsavo West National Park
Built on the slopes of the Mbulia Hills, with views
over the Ngulia Hills to Kilimanjaro


Open mess tent with dining area and bar
ü Swimming pool
Viewing the terrace overlooking the waterhole


5 traditional safari tents (32m2)
Premium tent suite (140 m2)
Private Villa

Kipalo Hills enjoys easy access to both Tsavo West and East National Parks for game drives, renowned for the largest population of elephant in Kenya.

The waterhole below the camp attracts a range of wildlife including elephants, buffalo and leopards which can be spotted as they descend on the area for an early morning drink. The Tsavo area is also a bird haven and every room comes with a complete bird list. The joint area of these national parks form one of the largest and most diverse National parks in the world, making up 4% of Kenya’s land area, the size of Israel. This wilderness features extreme diversity of landscape, from fields of baobabs to huge rocky kopjes framed against vast blue skies. The Yatta Plateau and its lashes of lava flows stretch 300km to the ends of Tsavo, and is the longest lava flow in the world. Tsavo is a vast untapped arena of arid bush, split by the azure and emerald meandering Galana and Tsavo Rivers, a water-haven and lifeline to the resident wildlife. Beyond the stunning landscape and wildlife, Tsavo is rife with a fascinating history – from its part in the First World War, to the first Railway, ‘The Lunatic Line’, and the famous Man-eaters of Tsavo.

Adult and Baby Elephant
Image by Craig Stevenson
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