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Are you looking for the perfect location for your annual company meeting?

Do you want to amaze your employees with an unforgettable incentive trip?

Or do you just want to have the perfect family vacation?


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Global customer workshop or semi annual business meeting...

It can be any kind of meeting or gathering

One thing they all have in common: they all need careful and detailed planning and execution, which is why we are here.


Destination Chase will be your perfect partner!

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Incentives are a way to motivate or reward associates or employees of a company....

resort retreats, annual summits, familiarization tours or even a day trip are a common solution. Designing and organizing a successful incentive travel program is challenging, it requires the experience, local knowledge, vendor network and time.


Destination Chase has all the above and more!

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Corporate conferences usually gather a group of people around a certain profession....

They differ from meetings main,y because of their scale. These conventions requiers complex planning and itinerary organization well in advance.


Destinaton Chase is here to provide all the support from the smallest to the largest detail!

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Leading industries populate some of the largest exhibition centers with people from around the world. Projects like this are super complex and require the most professional team in order to reach the desired business strategy goal by the client. 
Destination Chase can help you reach those goals!

Exhibitions are always demanding and require extensive planning! 

Safari around the world

Safari's Around The World! 

Whether you travel to Africa or to the Arctic Circle, to the Brazilian Rainforests or to the Asian jungles,

a safari is an exciting and adventurous way experiencing a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat, engaging with local cultures and learning about their traditions! 

While overland tours are mostly challenging, you need to be young at heart and open-minded to get the best out of an overland safari trip.


Depending on your destination, safaris can involve walking through the wilderness, driving in 4×4 vehicles or ATV, flying in light aircrafts or hot air balloons. The purpose of a safari tour is to allow you to get intimate with the landscape and scenery.

The accommodation on safaris varies depending on your trip. Anything from basic two man tents through to tented camps or luxury lodges with en-suite bathrooms to igloos or high end boutique hotels... Certainly there is something to suit everyone!

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Gourment wine and food tours

Gourmet Wine and Food Fours

Food and drink travel has become a pretty big trend.

More and more travelers are seeking gourmet experiences while they journey abroad.

What better way to truly experience the essence of a destination than through its cuisine?

Personally, my travel adventures have always centered around food and drink.

Whether it’s a truly delicious Italian dish or an authentic Vietnamese Pho soup, a surprisingly unique Icelandic tomato beer or the best steak in Argentina…


I can build an out of box program to all the hidden gems of top gourmet places around the world!

Fi and luxury leisure travel
Image by Pradeep Ghildiyal

FIT and Luxury Leisure Travel

I am specialized in organizing unique, tailor-made travel programs for the individual traveler or for groups.


This could be a

once-in-a-lifetime holiday,

a romantic honeymoon,

a special interest themed group tour

or the ultimate family holiday

And many more

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Travel project and event management and consultancy

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Understanding client company's culture, core values and the goal of the company

Meeting/Incentive/ Conference/ Event

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Setting up site inspections

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Identifying the best location for clients' project and connecting the client with the appropriate supplier

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Negotiating and closing contract, T&C for the entire project

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Assisting by giving 24/7 support, helping to bridge the culture gap

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Managing the on-site event

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Preparing several optional packages which will include: location, hotel, venue sightseeing, activities, marketing materials and giveaways

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