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Sorry, I am not objective

This post is very personal and I apologize for that. But it's hard for me to be objective when it comes to Budapest. It’s home. It’s childhood.

As I am getting older [yeah, it’s happening to me too] I learned to appreciate even more the place that I took for granted as a child. Recently, every time I get a chance to pay a quick visit home, I find myself wandering along the streets and amazed!

Amazed by things that I did not noticed before, especially when I was a kid and let’s face it... I was busy by being a teenager. So I am amazed by things ....

... like architecture. When it comes to architecture, Budapest is practically a living museum of some of the most prominent eras of architectural history in Europe. The city and its buildings have been generally well preserved through the years, and as a result, the city is a delight for any architecture buffs out there.

... like history. Some interesting facts: Hungary has a long tradition in history – 1100 years! She is one of the oldest countries in Europe and it’s simply impossible to sum it up in a short post. The history of Budapest begins with the oldest city, Obuda, occupied by Celtic tribes until the conquest of the Romans in the 1st century BC .. fast forward... Óbuda, Buda and Pest were unified into one single city in 1873, naming the city Budapest.

... like gastronomy. Developed over hundreds of years of Hungarian history, traditional dishes continue to be part of a proud and abundant cultural heritage. You must know that Hungarians love their belly, so their meals are rich in fat, spices, meat, and bread.

... like culture. Being an epicenter for culture and art for centuries, Budapest has produced some of the most famous creatives in classical music history. Hungarian music is probably the most famous art form in the country, with Hungarian folk and classical music being crucial parts of Hungarian history and culture.

... like using public transport. The Budapest Metro is the second-oldest underground in the world after the London Underground; opened in the year 1896 when Hungary celebrated its 1000th anniversary. It is the oldest electrified underground railway system in continental Europe.

And so much more...

I personally would like to encourage you to visit Budapest! Looking for ideas for a long weekend or perhaps thinking to organize a company incentive / conference in Budapest? Contact me!


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